Month: October 2006

  • The three Jude’s

    I’ve discovered I have three distinct personalities after this weekend…  1. Sober Jude – This is the normal person you meet in the office, at lunch or just on the street.  This Jude is normally pretty quiet and not very sure of himself, of course this Jude has been through the most and his self […]

  • Lessons in how not to manage people

    A new and wonderful policy from above…  I see that there is a lot of absentees in the meetings in the venues.  Effective immediately, any one absent from the meeting will be deducted the day pay by HR and a warning memo should be sent to him/her. The only acceptable reason is medical leave with […]

  • What can a guy do?

    I sit here wondering why I’m in the office / venue today.  I’m sick I should be at home.  But wait I’m not allowed to take any sick leave, casual days or vacation days until after December 15th.  So here I am sitting at my desk in my logistics compound and thinking wow its 31 […]