Ok, so nobody said I was smart, but put me with two other idiots and we’re almost able to make something happen according to plan. I sit here writing this in an internet café on Samui Island, in Southern Thailand, now I know I’ve not been keeping everyone up to date as to where I’ve been in Thailand so I’ll break it down for you in an easy to read list form…

Jan 20 – 21
Flew into Bangkok and met up with Tom, Dave, Shane, Anthony and some other former DAGOC people at the D&D Inn. Spent the only night in Bangkok drinking buckets on the street and dancing the night away, only to get back to the Inn at around 4 AM… Not much point in sleeping so I stayed up and watched the beginning of a crap movie and waited until it was time to go book train tickets to Chiang Mai for the night train. (Yeah I know I said I would never take the night train again, but this time I got a bottom bunk and the ride was quieter)

Jan 22 – 25
Arrived in the morning in Chiang Mai and got accosted by some freaky looking old lady wearing some sort of fake fur, who said she had the best guest house in Chiang Mai (they all say that). Anyways Tom, Dave and I all got into the crazy ladies bus and went to her guest house. It was nice enough and close to the old city / night market so we booked in.

We went white water rafting on the same river as the last time I was in Thailand with Bonnie and JB, and guess what, Dave fell out of the boat at almost the exact same spot as bonnie, only this time he thinks I pushed him out of the boat on purpose. Oh well that what he gets for hitting me in the head with the oar.

On the 24th at stupid o’clock someone started yelling and screaming below me and I was up, so I walked around for a little while in the very early hours of the morning only to come back to the guest house to meet up with Dave and go grab breakfast and discuss the possible tour to Sukhothai. As we were walking back to the guest house from breakfast we spotted a travel agent and went in. They’re a new company so there wasn’t any pressure to buy anything and the manager guy gave us this whacked out idea of driving to Samui and stopping at Sukhothai on the way. So we pitched the idea to Tom and guess what, “Road Trip Thailand” was accepted. We reserved the car and decided to leave early in the morning on the 25th.

The morning of the 25th, no one was getting up early especially me after meeting up with Mike and drinking Thai whiskey for the majority of the night before. So we got on the road around 11 AM and started heading south, me in the front trying not to spew and Dave sleeping / navigating in the back.

We hit Sukhothai historical park at around 2 in the afternoon, at which time my hobby as a photographer came into full swing and I snapped about 160 pictures of the park. It’s hard to describe the park, but just think of it along the lines of an old ruined city with a whole lot of temples. I’ll upload the photos in a couple days when I can get a wi-fi connection.

At about 6 pm we hit a local place for dinner and then started the drive south to Samui, the drive south from Chiang Mai to Samui is about 1200km, and being the type of people we are, we drove the whole day and night to arrive here at about 2 PM this afternoon.

Now it’s time to go back to the best spa ever and then off to the full moon party on the 28th… I’m sure I’ll have more to say after that…







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