Boat + Drink + Aussies = fun?

The question of the day is what happens when you mix 15 Aussies, 2 Americans and 1 Brit, in a situation with lots of alcohol, some boats and a bar-b-que?  Something that almost resembles fun. In all seriousness, we had a great time with a bunch of folks we didn’t know before we drank with them.  Something I’ve noticed about my travels here in Australia so far is if you drink with someone you’ve made a friend for the night.  If you buy a drink for someone you’ve made a friend for life.  It’s such a simple thing, and yet so effective.  Personally I like how open and friendly the Aussies are, they’re a great bunch of folk and I’m glad to have been able to spend as much time here as I have.

Now I’ve got the chance to experience with a different American.  He arrives on the 10th of this month and we are going to tear it up in Melbourne for a few nights and then it’s off to Sydney for a few nights and then for me it’s back to Melbourne so I can catch my flight home on the 28th.






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