Month: June 2007

  • People, Friends and others…

    I keep thinking to myself I like my friends, and you know what? I do like my friends. I have different types of friends though… I have friends who live in the neighborhood, others who are far away (Ellen, Arrrr!) and then there are others who’ve I just met and I get the impression they […]

  • News

    So I’ve been busy for the last few weeks and now I’m finally sitting down and writing a post. Although I don’t have heaps of time to put into this I will just put the important stuff and update later. First, I got a new job. I’ve accepted an offer from North American Video to […]

  • All sorts of wrong…

  • Ahh work… If it were only this cool.

  • Arrrr…

    Three hours of my life that I would like to get back from the Disney Company for Pirates 3. I was impressed with the parts, but as a whole I was woefully unimpressed. I’ll be sending them a bill for the time I lost last night and will expect payment in 30 days or less.

  • Mmm new lighting

    I do love the smell of new lighting in the morning.  I’ve just been replacing the old brass lighting fixtures in my new apartment with some swish track lighting.  As a lighting geek I like the ability to focus the lighting in my spaces to highlight certain areas and draw attention away from others.