Home again home again….

Some may know the reference of which the title of this post comes from, and some may not. It’s neither here nor there in the end. All I know is this, I’m in serious like with someone and I don’t know how to deal with it as my last post mentioned. Keep in mind my last post was written on Wednesday but posted today as I had no access to the Internet while I was in Utah / Nevada.

I think her words a few weeks ago were “I’m a surrogate boyfriend” which in all actuality is fine with me, given her circumstances and where her life is taking her. I would even venture to say I’m happy with this title. I’ve been a surrogate boyfriend before and I understand the role well. It may seem sad to others that I’m OK with this and not willing to go for more, but I have to say I’m alright with this and am not looking for more… Well I don’t think I’m looking for more at this point as I don’t really know where I’m heading with my life and trying to have a GF at the same time of trying to figure my own shit out seems a little unfair to me.

That said, I wish I knew where my life was heading and hopefully I’ll figure it out sometime soon…







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  1. Melkir Avatar

    Life is full of enough what ifs…

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