Review – The Flyboys

So here I am in Ashford, WA, the Southwest entrance to Mt Rainier National Park, it’s the road to paradise and I’m watching indie flicks.  Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

imageThe Flyboys has been “released” so to speak.  It hasn’t been picked up  by any major studios and the writer & director, Rocco DeVilliers, has been touring the film festival circuit pitching and showing the film.  It’s a good bet someone will decide to pick this up, but at the moment Rocco will continue to travel around and show it to as many people as possible.  The plot is simple enough as it is fun, with little surprises it’s filled with enough fun that it should keep the audience happy for the duration.  In my experience with films like this they either loose the audience at an early stage as they’re trying to play down to the kids or play up to the adults thus loosing both audiences.  Rocco did a wonderful job playing to both audiences by balancing the heavy with the playful and keeping his actors interesting, although that’s not to hard to do with the cast of usual heavies he was able to work with.  Tom Sizemore, Stephen Baldwin, Frank D’Amico, Vince Cecere, who could be typecast as the usual suspects.  They do a great job playing, and I do mean playing as the two main characters are a couple of kids, Jesse James and Reiley McClendon actually get to have a air gun battle with Tom Sizemore, which I think was worth the price of admission in this case.

At the moment the director is touring around the festivals trying to get as many people to see Flyboys while trying to find a way to distribute it in a more sensible fashion.  If you see it coming to a town near you give it a shot and you might be as surprised as I was.






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