Calling Doctor Jones…?

indy4 Went to see the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise yesterday, I use the term franchise simply because that’s what it has become.  I laughed at the parts you should laugh at and at the end when the plot, that was so transparent it hurt, was reveled I said “holy shit they’ve jumped the shark!”  My best friend who was sitting next to me said “not only have they jumped the shark but they vaporized the shark!”  Right so you might have guess that I’m a little upset at Spielberg and Lucas for putting a movie together that screams “I want more money…”  I’m disappointed in the plot, the actors made the movie, but frankly they should have left well enough alone and said the third movie was a perfect ending to the trilogy.

Someone should remove George Lucas from a position to write or direct anything, he’s lost whatever respect I had for him and Steven Spielberg is heading there if he does one more fucking movie with aliens in it.







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