Apparently my card is the Five of Clubs


This card represents mental curiosity that is satisfied through exploration and experience. Being born with this birthday makes you extremely inquisitive and naturally adventurous. You love change and variety, and you are constantly exploring new things. You are not satisfied with what you know, so seeking new information and new life experiences comes easily for you. You enjoy being active, love to travel, and you are likely to initiate change wherever you may be. You are warm, inviting, friendly, and playful, and your natural charm shines in social situations. Your laser quick mind and sharp intelligence spur you into action with your ideas. Good fortune usually finds its way to you, one way or another. It serves you to control your impulses and think things through before taking action to reap the greatest rewards. You are gifted with good communication skills and a highly creative mind and you’re not afraid of hard work, so you make a very great employee or an exceptional employer. Mental stimulation is key to your well being. You benefit greatly from being on a path of self awareness. Restlessness and uncertainty can create challenges in love so keep things spicy to avoid boredom. Use the creative intelligence that is your birthright to bring yourself joy and success. Change equals happiness for you, and your playful spirit of innocence is a gift to everyone in your life.







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