So ever since I first got that chance to work as a contractor on the winter games in Salt Lake, I’ve wanted to be a part of the Olympic movement.  I’m proud to be doing my part, even though it’s small in comparison to the over all work needed to be done to pull off a games of this size.

In the first week, we were inducted into the the culture of VANOC, something that really got me thinking more and more about that first time working on an event and the adrenalin rush I got when the doors opened and the lights came up and the audience gasped at the sight we had created.  Since then I’ve been working towards the goal of working on the largest, furthest reaching events I could.  Doha was great it touched half the world, now with the winter games in Vancouver I’m going to be working on an event that touches a huge percentage of the globe.

They showed us this video as part of the induction process, it’s a feel good clip that tells the story of why we do what we do, and why it’s so important to the world we try our hardest to produce an event that touches everyone in some way.  How vital it is to the world to keep coming together in friendly competition and not in battle for our lives.  I think the rest of the world can look at the games and the people behind it as an example of how to work together towards a common goal peacefully.







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