In a move that doesn’t surprise me, protesters are going after the games. In all honesty there are some valid reasons to protest, and some not so valid reasons.

For instance, the homeless have a good point. The games are going to displace them, but it’s common for a city to do something like that during international games. It’s too bad it happens, but I don’t really think it’s going to change anytime soon. This would be an example of a group protesting something valid.

An example of a group without a valid point would be the hunters that won’t be able to hunt in the mountains near a venue where thousands of bystanders are going to be milling around and a stray bullet or a missed shot could hurt or kill someone. How good is the hunting going to be with thousands of people milling around the mountain? Don’t you think the game you would be hunting would be spooked by the noise of the equipment, people, etc.? Do you honestly think that the games would allow a civilian with a gun anywhere near one of the venues?

If you have something to protest, great! You have every right to protest, but think about it before you go picketing a place. Use common sense and don’t be an ass.






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