Franz Ferdinand

Oh the ringing in my ears, the slight after taste of beer when I burp, the vein in my forehead seems to be getting larger and my eyeballs are showing me my pulse. A small price to pay for the excellent concert last night!

Franz Ferdinand was awesome! The band is tight, the songs were a good mix of new and old and the venue was incredible. We called on Monday to reserve seats, we already had tickets, but there’s an option at the Commodore Ballroom to reserve a table on the mezzanine level, which has a bar, servers and food. It was a great idea and our seats couldn’t have been better. We were center room overlooking the entire crowd with an unobstructed view of the band.

The Commodore is an old venue from the 30’s that has been kept in pretty good condition over the years. It appears to be an old ballroom, dance floor in the middle, bandstand in front and seating all around the room.

All in all, excellent venue and an excellent band!







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