The last few weeks…

j_boarding Working, playing and having fun…  Work has been fun, out in the middle of nowhere working at W.O.P. with a few other fun individuals.  The first week was working hard to get everything deployed as fast as possible so we might take advantage of Whistler.  Myself and one of the other crew did the best we could and ended up getting a day off and what do you know, we just had to buy a lift ticket and go for a bit of a ride.  Since I’ve taken up boarding in December, and yes I used to make fun of snowboarders, I’ve discovered why people like the snow and snow sports. 

It the last week I’ve really come to appreciate the beauty and the euphoria of snowboarding.  It’s extremely hard to describe the feeling of euphoria of making all your turns and just enjoying the ride down the mountain.  Could it be the wind, the clear air, or the speed, I don’t know.  What I do know is the sport has me hooked and I can’t see myself not snowboarding every winter from here on out.

I was out on the mountain yesterday, yes I had the day off, and I was able to do some boarding on both peaks.  The firs few runs on Blackcomb were excellent, and then the after lunch runs on Whistler were just as good.






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