Idiots and Flat Mates

I got this really excellent text from my flat mate this morning… “Did you eat all the tomatoes?” In which I responded “Yes”, her response, which in all fairness makes me really pissed is “Ok, I don’t mind if you use ingredients but please ask/replace them as they were four the soup I was making.”

Let’s review, she uses my internet and doesn’t pay for it. 
Uses my electricity and doesn’t pay for it. 
Eats the food I bring into the house and doesn’t pay for or replace it. 
Has flooded my apartment on more than one occasion and wants to split the damage bill with me. 
She doesn’t even pay a full half of the rent and takes up more space than I do by a considerable amount. 

I’m getting more and more frustrated with the tart and am close to changing the locks.  I don’t even want to go home and it’s MY FUCKING HOUSE!






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  1. Melkir Avatar

    I only put up with that from people I’m sleeping with.

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