The outlook is blank?


I went to look up my horoscope for my birthday and this is what came up.  I’ve not altered aside from cropping it to fit into the blog.  I think it’s freaking hilarious that it comes up blank.

How do I take this?  I can look at it as the stars don’t know what’s going to happen to me.  Of course I should take this view seriously and freak the fuck out that my horoscope is blank therefore the future is unknown!  Oh no what shall I do!

Or I can look at is as a database failure and alert technical support.  Which I’m more inclined to do given my history and my lack of caring with the whole mumbo jumbo that is astrology. 

So it’s my birthday today.  I’m actually looking forward to it in a way.  I’m a year older, I’m a year wiser… Well maybe not wiser, but I’ve amassed another years of knowledge.  Who knows maybe something I’ve learned this year can be applied to the future.



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