Have a little Pride

I was asked by S to take pictures of her belly dance troupe, and so of course I said yes!  I thought I would get to parade route early and get myself a spot, somewhere in the sun and just sit there waiting for them to shimmy down the street in front of me.

What I got was the chance to ride my bike with them and take photos while they shimmied down the street!  It was the first parade I’ve been a part of and it happened to be the Seattle Gay Pride Parade.  It’s funny, the day started out with my nursing a slight headache and not feeling 100%, but I manned up and headed to downtown.  Parked the car and got on the bike and rode to the start of the parade.  It amazes me what some people called “costumes” but then it’s supposed to be a good time and it seemed to me that everyone was having a blast!

The ladies from the troupe had scarves that worked especially well in the wind and they all looked great in the sun!  Well done ladies and I look forward to the next time you’re performing!







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