Mass transit

Mass transit…
My experiments in mass transit have left me wondering why I’m doing it… It’s not to save the environment; it’s to save money. A car is a bottomless money pit of which you get no return on. All you do is throw your money down the tubes to own a piece of machinery that will eventually fail and you’ll have to start all over again with another. So here I am riding on public transit to save money and my sanity.

So far I’ve waited 3 hours for a bus that’s supposed to arrive every 20 minutes, saw guy whacked out on some form of drug playing with himself (mental note to never ride that bus ever again), it’s taken me 2 hours to go less than 2 miles and to cap it all off I’ve had to smell some of the less savory people of king county.

But I will persevere! I will win this self-imposed challenge of not owning a car while living in Seattle. I would like to make some recommendations on the mass transit of the area after my experiment…



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