I’ve applied for more than 300 jobs in the last year and I’ve interviewed for about 25 of those I’ve applied for and I thought I would share my favorite excuses for why they don’t want to hire me.

  1. We can’t afford you (And yet they don’t even offer me a salary so how do they know they can’t afford me)

  2. You have too much experience (Gee thanks, that’s awful nice of you to say that, but hire me anyways)

  3. You bounce between employers too often (usually this comes when I am trying to win a contract position)

  4. You don’t have a college degree (This is almost always coupled with number 2, which always makes me laugh my ass off when they pull this one out.

  5. You’ve lived overseas…  (I don’t even know why this is an excuse, but it makes me laugh when I see it)






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