And the list goes on….

Being back in the sandbox has been interesting…  It’s only been three weeks and I already think I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  I have a green crew, with a few that have some good experience that will hopefully be able to help the others along.  There are other issues at hand in the wide world of work, but nothing I can really talk about, just that they have potential to blow up in my face.

With all the work stuff, I’m still happy to be back in the sandbox!  The weather isn’t as bad as I remember, it’s hot, but not unreasonable.  The apartment we’ve moved into is completely ridiculous, it’s massive with two floors and four bedrooms.  The kitchen is of a good size and the bedrooms are setup in a way that makes them pretty private.  They were nice enough to give me the "master" which really just means I have enough space to play squash, while still having enough space left over to have a batting cage.  The rent is on the high side, but it’s all inclusive so that makes life so much easier, and anything that makes my life easier in the sandbox is fine by me.

I’ve not taken the time to shoot a whole lot of photos since I got here, but the one’s I’ve taken are all on my Flickr account.  Pretty much will just keep updating the Doha 2011 set while I’m here!






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