“Looks like someone has a case of the Monday’s”

Coming back from a holiday is always hard, but when you have a task like I had this morning it’s even harder.  I came to the desert for a challenge and I’ve found it.  My good friend and colleague brought me here to help with the project at hand.  It seemed like a good challenge when I was offered the position.  Now the friend who got me here has resigned his position and gone home to deal with some very personal problems that have cropped up.  Given the situation he faces at home I can’t blame him for resigning the position.  It doesn’t make it any easier on this end though.  I was looking forward to working with him on this gig and now that he’s gone, I’m stuck.

Being who I am I want to do the best job I can, and I will succeed at this project if it kills me.   I like to think I’m good at what I do, but no matter how good I am it seems as though the deck is stacked against me on this one.

I will kick this events ass!






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