Yes of course I can help you… Let me put you on the list…

In this part of the world there are two types of people, one who can work anywhere in the world and get the job done, the other are people who can’t get jobs anywhere else in the world and are stuck here.

This event has had me wondering which category I fall into and at the moment I’m worried I’m in the latter half. I know better, but this is really one messed up event and there are some serious issues with teams that I see the solutions for but I’m not in charge of those teams so I can’t affect the change.

I’ve had three phone lines on my mobile, the two land lines and my radio chattering all at the same time. It’s on like donkey kong and I can’t wait for the event to be over!

I’ve been given the gift of staying in Doha until the end of February… While I appreciate the offer and the extra pay, considering the banking issues I’ve been dealing with, I still think I would have liked to have gone home at the end of January. I have multiple reasons for wanting to get home, some are far more important than others…






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