Transition again…?

It’s happening again, a transition in my life that I was planning in having happen, but not so soon. I was informed on Thursday that my job will no longer exist at the end of this month, that the company I’ve been working for since March is restructuring and eliminating the position and replacing it with two entry level positions. Being who I am and what I’ve seen over the years I’m not surprised or even shocked about it. I fact I’m going to help them with the transition to the new structure and then bow out. I know that it could have been very different and I could be angry and feel slighted but in truth I knew the role and position was not right for me or the company. They need to do something different if they want to succeed and grow and the structure they had until Thursday was not going to allow for that. This doesn’t really seem like a revelation to me, but I’m back in the transition mode of trying to keep busy and a roof over my head.

So here I am, not really out of a job but more or less getting myself back on the track of freelancing, which to be honest makes me happy.





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