What can a guy do?

I sit here wondering why I’m in the office / venue today.  I’m sick I should be at home.  But wait I’m not allowed to take any sick leave, casual days or vacation days until after December 15th.  So here I am sitting at my desk in my logistics compound and thinking wow its 31 degrees centigrade here today and it feels cool.  I’m thinking about my next move, as in who should I work for, where should I get a job, and do I think I can get into the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  I know that’s where I want to be, but how to get into it is another question entirely.  Of course everything will look better from a beach in Thailand and I’m sure once I get rid of this crappy cold/flu everything will seem possible.  At the moment though the meds I’m on are making it hard to concentrate.  So if I wasn’t ADD before I sure as hell am now!






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