The three Jude’s

I’ve discovered I have three distinct personalities after this weekend… 

1. Sober Jude – This is the normal person you meet in the office, at lunch or just on the street.  This Jude is normally pretty quiet and not very sure of himself, of course this Jude has been through the most and his self esteem and ego is pretty much in the dumps. 

2. Drunk Jude – This Jude is not normal, well what is normal really?  He can dance; sing and pretty much entertain his fellow party goers.  His ego isn’t in question and his self esteem is pretty much alright. 

3. Hangover Jude – This Jude is disliked by Sober and Drunk Jude and they both blame each other for his appearance.

You would think I would learn after living this way for the last seven months, but you know what?  It’s too much fun and I don’t plan to change it for the time being.  I’m thinking about taking a month long detox as soon as I get back to Seattle.






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