Month: November 2006

  • Day 5 of Operations… WTF am I doing here again?

    Went to the ceremony dress rehearsal last night…  Very cool…  Some stuff happened on the FOP (Field of Play) and there was stuff happening on the video screens and there were some cool lighting tricks, good sound and just some all around pretty good stuff.  I can’t say more till after the 1st as I’ve […]

  • Talking to the past…

    I decided to email my ex-wife today. I’ve been avoiding it for at least the last 6 months. I know why I’ve been avoiding it, but ultimately I broke down and sent a little note off to her. It’s tough cutting someone who had been such a huge part of your life out. We had […]

  • Day 1 of Operations

    And so it begins… I knew today would be special as I got up at 4:00 AM thinking it was 5:00 AM… Well at least my alarm thought it was 5:00 AM. I thought what an ominous way to start operations on the venue, waking up an hour early. Oh well it’s not like I […]

  • Forks and the life they lead

    I thought, what the hell I’ll head out to the local golf club to go to the driving range for a little while, you know hit some balls and get ready for the round of golf I’m playing tomorrow. Well it just so happens a friend of mine is the VLM (venue logistics manager) for […]

  • Effort in Understanding

    As you drive around Doha you see a window decal that says "thank goodness", usually on a Toyota land cruiser that has just cut you off while flashing their lights, honking and making rude hand gestures at you. It’s very similar to driving back in the states and someone with a "WWJD" bumper sticker cutting […]

  • Friends in need

    It’s winter back home… I catch myself looking at the weather and wondering how I can be wearing shorts and a t-shirt right now.  I should be in my heavy coat and jeans wondering what soup I should be cooking tonight, instead I’m sitting here in my office / garage in the desert and wondering what […]