Forks and the life they lead

I thought, what the hell I’ll head out to the local golf club to go to the driving range for a little while, you know hit some balls and get ready for the round of golf I’m playing tomorrow. Well it just so happens a friend of mine is the VLM (venue logistics manager) for the golf club and she just so happens to be loading into the golf club right now. Naturally I thought I should stop by and see how things are going and see if she wanted to have lunch. Well as soon as I show up I notice her forklift driver is the same kid I sent away from my venue two months ago because he did damage to the venue. He said "hi" and I turned to my friend and said, "watch out for this guy he’s damage on wheels". About 10 minutes after saying this he managed to get the forklift bogged in some sand as well as high centered on a cable ramp. It took him 30 minutes to try and fail to get the fork out of the sand trap he got himself into and it took me 5 minutes, a pallet of water and some bits of wood to get it back on the road. All the while it started to rain… Rain in Doha, the first rain I’ve seen since July in Thailand. It was brief but glorious to feel the rain on my face. But that’s not the point of the story. In less then two hours the fork lift driver managed to get it stuck again in the same spot… And again 30 minutes of him trying to get it un-bogged and 5 minutes of me actually getting it un-bogged. Most of the 5 minutes was rocking back and forth… What a life when you’re supposed to be taking the day off. Oh well at least I got to see the rain!!!






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  1. ellen Avatar

    hey judey judey judey. thanks for getting my fork out. twice.
    and for staying back late and helping me unload my stupid nestle water truck well into the night. and for mobilising the GCLF (Golf Club Liberation Front) who took me hostage and shrink-wrapped me to a pallet of water. yeah……thanks.

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