Talking to the past…

I decided to email my ex-wife today. I’ve been avoiding it for at least the last 6 months. I know why I’ve been avoiding it, but ultimately I broke down and sent a little note off to her. It’s tough cutting someone who had been such a huge part of your life out. We had been friends for so long prior to dating and then we had dated for such a long time before we got married… And now it’s been almost a full year since I’ve seen her and more then 6 months since the last form of contact. What was I thinking sending her an email, I still am in the serious dislike stage of recovery, but for some reason I can’t keep hating her, I just hate what she did and the way she did it. I know I was just as much at fault as she was, but ultimately she made a decision that hurt… Oh well we can’t control the decisions of others we can only live with the problems those decisions bring.

My decision to travel for three months after the games was a tough one. I will not get the chance to see my family in Seattle for more then a year. I miss my Seattle family, the going to dive bars in Ballard, shooting pool at a road house on the island, working the door for a friends new years party, sushi at M’s (damn I miss sushi), softball with the zoo folks and most of all I miss my downstairs neighbor. Oh well, decisions you make affect everyone around you, they can hurt feelings, they can alienate friends or they can bring people together. Remember when the only decision that mattered was getting up or not getting up in the morning? I miss those days where it seemed like life was that simple.






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