Back in the saddle again…

So I’m traveling again… yet another plane to yet another airport…  I’m looking forward to sitting on a veranda and relaxing with folks, but not yet, I have another long ass flight ahead of me before I can relax a little.  Right now I’m still waiting for them to announce my gate as I sit here in an airport terminal where, thankfully, all the announcements are in English.

The Games…

Before I got this random email from a guy working for the Doha Asian Games, I had never heard of the Asian games or Doha for that matter. I’m not sure I could have even found the place without Google Earth. I used to be afraid of change, I hated it. I couldn’t stand changing the routine I had put in place for myself, not in an obsessive compulsive sort of way, just more a comfort level sort of way. So why did I decide to move to a country where I don’t speak the language and frankly never even heard of before? Change… I needed a change, I was in a place I didn’t like, sure I had people around me I liked but the place itself was pretty much crap. I had taken a job with a company that has crap morals and frankly I can’t stand to do business dishonestly. So when I got the random email from a resume I had posted in Singapore I jumped at the chance. So far it’s been a great time, I’ve met new people and made some good friends. I don’t have any regrets coming to Doha and working on the Asian Games, this was a good change, and the chance to work on an event that was seen by a global audience.

So what next? What is there to do besides travel for a while and get myself around some more? I need to work, I can only sit on a beach for so long before I start getting antsy and feel the urge to work again. Maybe I’ll try and get something while I’m in Australia or Thailand.

The numbers speak for themselves

The Numbers
1. 14 guys
      a. 3 from Sri Lanka
      b. 3 from Nepal
      c. 6 from India
      d. 1 from Australia
      e. 1 from America
2. 53 days straight
3. 1166 hours worked
4. 11 golf carts
5. 8 phone calls to Hydro Turf for golf cart problems
6. 3 golf cart tires changed
7. 329 sodas consumed for a total of 8.38m of pull tabs
8. 2 helicopters destroyed and 1 car still in working order
9. 17 golf cart tows
10. 400 tea bags consumed
11. 360 packets of coffee
12. Sold 2 phone cards and 7 packs of cigarettes
13. 163 points for yelling at people driving where they shouldn’t
14. 120 servings of curry
15. 10 bags of microwave popcorn
16. 11.25k of chocolate consumed
17. 4 slabs consumed
18. 4697 pieces of FF&E
19. 2000 QR of phone cards
20. 147 pieces or FF&E lost, stolen or damaged

When you have enough time on your hands to write something like this you can’t be working to hard can you?

We did everything we were supposed to do and then we did everything everyone else wouldn’t or couldn’t do.  We decided all the planning that took place really did help us in the long run as we had the appropriate level of activity for a department like logistics, which in this environment are the equivalent of fire fighters during games time operations.  What that really means is meetings in the morning to give everyone an update on whatever and then moved to the break area for some food and after that falling asleep on a couch somewhere until something broke or fell down, which luckily enough didn’t happen very often.

I’ll write some more after a few hours sleep…


Thanks from above…

This is an email from the DG thanking us for working on the games in Doha…

Dear Best Dream Team

Words aren’t enough to express my gratitude and admiration of your performance. We have staged the Best Every Asian Games and delivered what we promised: The Games of Your Life. I am proud to be part of this great Team.

Well done job, and see you soon.

Director General


When is the right time to look for work?  I’m going to be traveling for the next three months and I feel the need to look for a job when I’m done traveling, or even look for work while I’m traveling.  Isn’t that a little insane?  I’ve had legitimate jobs since I was 16 and some under the table sutff before that, but I can say without too much sarcasm that I’ve always had a job since I was responsible enough to take one.  I’ve worked everything from construction to flipping burgers and pushing boxes to pinning a microphone on the president of the US.  It’s never been dull, my work life, in fact it seems to be getting more and more interesting.

Since I was 13 I’ve worked in the entertainment field, I started by working backstage in high school building sets for the theatre department.  One of the first productions I was involved in was a musical called “Oklahoma!” what a great cast and crew that was, I know that was the moment I decided I didn’t want to do anything else in my life.  Every chance I got I was in the theatre, building something, or learning how to do something.  Since working on those first shows I’ve been involved in well over 1000 productions, they’ve ranged from community theatre in my hometown of Renton, WA to the Asian Games in Doha, Qatar.  I can now say I’ve traveled around the world working in the entertainment industry.  I can only hope that I will be able to continue working in the entertainment industry for quite some time to come.

Why is it I can write something like this, but I can’t write a simple cover letter for any job I’m applying for?  How messed up am I  :)?


I sit here listening to Christmas music and it always makes me remember the people I miss, not a bad way mind you, I always remember the good while I’m in this mood.  Given what else I’ve written about in the recent months, remembering the good times is a better place for me to be.  So with that let me introduce you to my grandparents on my mom’s side, Agnes & Claude Trent, they lived in a small house in Auburn, WA.  The house always had a nice earthy smell and the flowers during the summer always added to it.  The carpet was old and worn, perfect for building towers with tinker toys Lincoln logs and the homemade blocks my grandpa made.  They had a little play house in the back yard that we used to make mud pies and play telephone, they had an old wall mounted crank phone that rang it’s bells when you wound the crank.  I remember playing on the swing they had next to the clothesline and my grandpa hanging me from my ankles and dangling me into a dumpster to get “the good stuff”, treasure that others would carelessly throw away and we would recover for fun.

My grandparents survived the great depression; they had grown up in a more practical time, when you had to ration everything just to make it through.  My respect for them will always be with me and drive me to be the best I possible can be.  They did their best with very little; the only way I can think of to honour them in the way they deserve is to work as hard as possible at everything I do.


You will always be remembered for your strength and love…
Peace be upon you.

A place for my thoughts

I was having a really good conversation last night with an excellent friend, someone whose opinion I value highly.  They mentioned that while reading my blog they felt as though they were intruding, almost as a voyeur into my thoughts.  I know some of the things I’ve written here would normally be put into a diary, a private journal, the thoughts I’ve put here are not as private as some would think.  The really private thoughts I keep elsewhere, somewhere the world can’t see.  The ones I’ve put out there for everyone to see are the thoughts I don’t want to keep.  Writing them in a public place allows me to purge them; it’s a liberating feeling to get these thoughts out.


I have rules to govern my life, simple rules that mean something to me and I try to follow them…Rule #1 Be kind to others

This isn’t really that hard of a rule given I really do try my best to be kind to everyone.  I find that there are people that don’t deserve me being kind to them, but in the spirit of the rule I will continue to try and be kind to everyone, even when someone is yelling at me for no reason.

Rule #2 Help Others

This can be as simple as making another persons life a little better, by given them tea or coffee and giving them a comfortable place to sit for a little while.  Give someone a lift when it’s not really on your way, or any number of little things that don’t really inconvenience you and are a simple way to make life better.

Rule #3 Keep work and Personal Separate

This is a rule that I have I had a hard time breaking until recently.  This rule came from having worked and lived with someone for a long time, and when it ended we couldn’t do either together.  Since arriving in Doha, I’ve been pretty successful in following this rule until someone made me re-think it.  Keep in mind my social circle here is entirely made up of people I work with; we don’t really have a choice given the environment.  Yes there’s an ex pat community, but they don’t really like us very much and it’s nice to be able to work and play with people you know.  But like I said I’ve been forced to re-think this rule and I’ll get to that later.

Rule #4 Don’t mess with someone else’s personal life

When I first met my now ex-wife she was more or less dating my friend.  I can’t even remember what happened for the most part but we were young and dating is pretty fluid, or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be when you’re young.  Except for someone like me, who didn’t really think dating was for me and went with more long term relationships.  Anyways I digress, the rule came from my having lost a good friend when I started dating my now ex-wife and eventually got married to her.  I never asked my now friend about this, but I knew how he felt having had the same thing happen to me.  I was blinded by my emotions and now I’ve lost both people from my life.  One would call in Karma; I would rather call it fate.  It’s not that I don’t believe in Karma, I just would rather know that fate had more of a role, maybe I was meant to come to Doha and then travel Thailand and Australia, which I wouldn’t have done if I was still married.

Rule #5 Don’t hate people

This is a relatively new rule, it came from my discovering I don’t really hate people, I hate the decisions people can make.  It’s a much easier way to live life then hating someone, you simply hate the thing they do or the decisions they make.  Let’s look at the US president for a moment, it’s hard to hate him as a person, after all he’s learning disabled, and you can’t hate someone for the bad genes they get.  Instead I hate the decisions he makes as president, which have gone from bad to worse, but again I hate the decision not the person.