Month: December 2006

  • The scream…

    I just traveled 8000 miles to surprise my family, it worked. The scream my mom let out when I showed up was one of the greatest things ever. My sister and I have decied that if we wanted to plot world domination we would have no problem. I’ll add more later.

  • Back in the saddle again…

    So I’m traveling again… yet another plane to yet another airport…  I’m looking forward to sitting on a veranda and relaxing with folks, but not yet, I have another long ass flight ahead of me before I can relax a little.  Right now I’m still waiting for them to announce my gate as I sit […]

  • The Games…

    Before I got this random email from a guy working for the Doha Asian Games, I had never heard of the Asian games or Doha for that matter. I’m not sure I could have even found the place without Google Earth. I used to be afraid of change, I hated it. I couldn’t stand changing […]

  • The numbers speak for themselves

    The Numbers 1. 14 guys       a. 3 from Sri Lanka       b. 3 from Nepal       c. 6 from India       d. 1 from Australia       e. 1 from America 2. 53 days straight 3. 1166 hours worked 4. 11 golf carts 5. 8 phone calls to Hydro Turf for golf cart problems 6. 3 […]

  • Thanks from above…

    This is an email from the DG thanking us for working on the games in Doha… Dear Best Dream Team Words aren’t enough to express my gratitude and admiration of your performance. We have staged the Best Every Asian Games and delivered what we promised: The Games of Your Life. I am proud to be […]

  • Waking up

    Life is short, sometimes it’s too short.  We loose the ones we care about much sooner then we should it seems…

  • Looking…

    When is the right time to look for work?  I’m going to be traveling for the next three months and I feel the need to look for a job when I’m done traveling, or even look for work while I’m traveling.  Isn’t that a little insane?  I’ve had legitimate jobs since I was 16 and […]

  • Grandparents

    I sit here listening to Christmas music and it always makes me remember the people I miss, not a bad way mind you, I always remember the good while I’m in this mood.  Given what else I’ve written about in the recent months, remembering the good times is a better place for me to be.  […]

  • A place for my thoughts

    I was having a really good conversation last night with an excellent friend, someone whose opinion I value highly.  They mentioned that while reading my blog they felt as though they were intruding, almost as a voyeur into my thoughts.  I know some of the things I’ve written here would normally be put into a […]

  • Rules

    I have rules to govern my life, simple rules that mean something to me and I try to follow them…Rule #1 Be kind to others This isn’t really that hard of a rule given I really do try my best to be kind to everyone.  I find that there are people that don’t deserve me […]