No means no… Right?

I try to be understanding, I try to be forgiving, but what I can no longer try to be is patient with people who don’t understand NO.  I’ve now had to explain to people why I have no golf carts left, I can’t believe I’m getting upset over golf carts.  I’ve been threatened, “You will be arrested if I see you driving this buggy that you say is broken”.  Threatening someone who won’t give you a golf cart?  How small is your penis that you need threaten someone with throwing them in jail for not giving you a golf cart…?

This is an ongoing issue here in Doha, people here are like little children and just keep asking for something until you give in and say take it you little shit.  I can see how poor a parent I’m going to be, I give in to the little shits…  Maybe that’s my problem.  I might go out to dinner tonight, or just sit somewhere and eat quietly…






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