I sit here listening to Christmas music and it always makes me remember the people I miss, not a bad way mind you, I always remember the good while I’m in this mood.  Given what else I’ve written about in the recent months, remembering the good times is a better place for me to be.  So with that let me introduce you to my grandparents on my mom’s side, Agnes & Claude Trent, they lived in a small house in Auburn, WA.  The house always had a nice earthy smell and the flowers during the summer always added to it.  The carpet was old and worn, perfect for building towers with tinker toys Lincoln logs and the homemade blocks my grandpa made.  They had a little play house in the back yard that we used to make mud pies and play telephone, they had an old wall mounted crank phone that rang it’s bells when you wound the crank.  I remember playing on the swing they had next to the clothesline and my grandpa hanging me from my ankles and dangling me into a dumpster to get “the good stuff”, treasure that others would carelessly throw away and we would recover for fun.

My grandparents survived the great depression; they had grown up in a more practical time, when you had to ration everything just to make it through.  My respect for them will always be with me and drive me to be the best I possible can be.  They did their best with very little; the only way I can think of to honour them in the way they deserve is to work as hard as possible at everything I do.


You will always be remembered for your strength and love…
Peace be upon you.






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