The numbers speak for themselves

The Numbers
1. 14 guys
      a. 3 from Sri Lanka
      b. 3 from Nepal
      c. 6 from India
      d. 1 from Australia
      e. 1 from America
2. 53 days straight
3. 1166 hours worked
4. 11 golf carts
5. 8 phone calls to Hydro Turf for golf cart problems
6. 3 golf cart tires changed
7. 329 sodas consumed for a total of 8.38m of pull tabs
8. 2 helicopters destroyed and 1 car still in working order
9. 17 golf cart tows
10. 400 tea bags consumed
11. 360 packets of coffee
12. Sold 2 phone cards and 7 packs of cigarettes
13. 163 points for yelling at people driving where they shouldn’t
14. 120 servings of curry
15. 10 bags of microwave popcorn
16. 11.25k of chocolate consumed
17. 4 slabs consumed
18. 4697 pieces of FF&E
19. 2000 QR of phone cards
20. 147 pieces or FF&E lost, stolen or damaged

When you have enough time on your hands to write something like this you can’t be working to hard can you?

We did everything we were supposed to do and then we did everything everyone else wouldn’t or couldn’t do.  We decided all the planning that took place really did help us in the long run as we had the appropriate level of activity for a department like logistics, which in this environment are the equivalent of fire fighters during games time operations.  What that really means is meetings in the morning to give everyone an update on whatever and then moved to the break area for some food and after that falling asleep on a couch somewhere until something broke or fell down, which luckily enough didn’t happen very often.

I’ll write some more after a few hours sleep…




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