Koh Phangan

Thailand cont.

Koh Phangan is one of the greatest islands I’ve been to so far. The only way to get here is by boat, there is no airport on the island. So that means the population level stays pretty low, expect for once a month where it surges up at least 10,000 to 15,000 extra for the full moon party. Which as it turns out is exactly why we’re here, to party beneath the full moon on a beach in Thailand.

Koh Phangan


Ok, so nobody said I was smart, but put me with two other idiots and we’re almost able to make something happen according to plan. I sit here writing this in an internet café on Samui Island, in Southern Thailand, now I know I’ve not been keeping everyone up to date as to where I’ve been in Thailand so I’ll break it down for you in an easy to read list form…

Jan 20 – 21
Flew into Bangkok and met up with Tom, Dave, Shane, Anthony and some other former DAGOC people at the D&D Inn. Spent the only night in Bangkok drinking buckets on the street and dancing the night away, only to get back to the Inn at around 4 AM… Not much point in sleeping so I stayed up and watched the beginning of a crap movie and waited until it was time to go book train tickets to Chiang Mai for the night train. (Yeah I know I said I would never take the night train again, but this time I got a bottom bunk and the ride was quieter)

Jan 22 – 25
Arrived in the morning in Chiang Mai and got accosted by some freaky looking old lady wearing some sort of fake fur, who said she had the best guest house in Chiang Mai (they all say that). Anyways Tom, Dave and I all got into the crazy ladies bus and went to her guest house. It was nice enough and close to the old city / night market so we booked in.

We went white water rafting on the same river as the last time I was in Thailand with Bonnie and JB, and guess what, Dave fell out of the boat at almost the exact same spot as bonnie, only this time he thinks I pushed him out of the boat on purpose. Oh well that what he gets for hitting me in the head with the oar.

On the 24th at stupid o’clock someone started yelling and screaming below me and I was up, so I walked around for a little while in the very early hours of the morning only to come back to the guest house to meet up with Dave and go grab breakfast and discuss the possible tour to Sukhothai. As we were walking back to the guest house from breakfast we spotted a travel agent and went in. They’re a new company so there wasn’t any pressure to buy anything and the manager guy gave us this whacked out idea of driving to Samui and stopping at Sukhothai on the way. So we pitched the idea to Tom and guess what, “Road Trip Thailand” was accepted. We reserved the car and decided to leave early in the morning on the 25th.

The morning of the 25th, no one was getting up early especially me after meeting up with Mike and drinking Thai whiskey for the majority of the night before. So we got on the road around 11 AM and started heading south, me in the front trying not to spew and Dave sleeping / navigating in the back.

We hit Sukhothai historical park at around 2 in the afternoon, at which time my hobby as a photographer came into full swing and I snapped about 160 pictures of the park. It’s hard to describe the park, but just think of it along the lines of an old ruined city with a whole lot of temples. I’ll upload the photos in a couple days when I can get a wi-fi connection.

At about 6 pm we hit a local place for dinner and then started the drive south to Samui, the drive south from Chiang Mai to Samui is about 1200km, and being the type of people we are, we drove the whole day and night to arrive here at about 2 PM this afternoon.

Now it’s time to go back to the best spa ever and then off to the full moon party on the 28th… I’m sure I’ll have more to say after that…

World tour…

It came to me last night as I couldn’t sleep, in three months I will have gone around the world by plane. How crazy is that?

The journey so far starts in Doha, Qatar where I got this crazy idea to go home for Christmas, or as close to Christmas as I could. That was the 28th of December, the trip took me from Doha to London and then back to Seattle for a quick weekend trip. What does that say about my mental state, that quick weekend trip home took 29 hours of travel and was almost 8000 miles, and that was just to get back to Seattle? From Seattle I went back to Doha, another 8000 miles and this time it as about 36 hours of travel. Someone asked me why the hell I would go home to Seattle if I had to come back to Doha before traveling more, the answer is simple, family.

First leg stats:

  • 16,000 Miles
  • 65 hours
  • 4 Nyquil (I started getting a cold before I left and the lack of sleep in Seattle didn’t help)
  • 2 Sleeping tablets (Flying without them is not a good idea)
  • 3 Pints (Beer in a public place!)
  • 2 ham sandwiches (No pig in Doha, mmmm pig is tasty)

The second leg of the world tour will start tomorrow at 8:30 PM Doha time and will take me back to Thailand for a few weeks. Now it’s time to make sure I’m all packed and ready to go.

Getting it all packed, again.

I’m sitting here in a coffee shop just around the corner from my lonely apartment, as of last night all my house mates have left, and now the last friendly person on the floor is leaving tonight. So it will be myself in one corner and someone else in the opposite corner and then the quiet married couple next door to me.

I know I should be packing the last of it up, but for some reason procrastination felt like the better choice. I’ve already packed most of my crap into a 65 liter pack and now I’m just waiting on some last minute laundry to be done and then as of tomorrow there is one more sleep till Thailand.

I’ve been pretty anxious about this for a while, getting back to Thailand, but as of today I’m not only feeling anxious I’m starting to feel a little scared about it. Not the fact I’m going to a country that I don’t speak the native tongue, that doesn’t bother me much after living in Doha for the last 9 months or so, I think I’m feeling a little scared of not having a permanent roof over my head for the first time ever. I’m living out of a backpack, I’ve lived out of suitcases for a couple of weeks at a time, but that was different, this is more of a moving around every few days, not really sure how this is going to work. Oh well, not many people get the chance I’m about to get so I’m going to suck it up and take one for the team. I’ll get on that plane and get my butt to a beach in Thailand and then I’m sure the anxiety will be gone.


Is what’s in my mind right now… I’m going to be able to pay off all my credit card debt and pay for the various monthly bills while I’m travelling for the next three months. Not only that but I’m going to be able to travel for the next three months to Thailand (again) and Australia. Now I just have to decide how long I’m going to be there. We’ll see.

Being out of debt is good, but then there’s the other clutter in my mind, people from the past who keep making unexpected appearances, things I did to people in the past that may or may not have had a good effect on them or me (I suppose I would know so maybe this is just crap on my part), and people I care for but can’t seem to tell them. How funny is that?

I saw the person I want to tell those three words to over new years, but was I able to say it? Nope, not able to. One, she’s happy. So why muck around with it? Two, she doesn’t feel the same way about me, so why muck up myself? Three, I’m not there, even if the second item changed what am I supposed to do about it? Four, I’m a complete moron when it comes to my feelings and how they effect others, so refer back to mucking myself up. I suppose I’ve talked myself out of it, so what’s the deal? Oh yeah I almost forgot, I never forget crap and I like to muck myself up at every chance I get.

I went home for New Years, what a great idea that was, not only did I surprise my mom, aunt and brother, but I got the chance to see my niece and nephew, wow they have grown. But I also got the chance to see friends I’ve not seen in years. It was a good trip minus BA loosing three of my four bags. I guess I was worried about it for maybe five minutes, but if you can’t do anything about it then why worry? I could worry about a little thing like I packed most of my life into those four bags and have only gotten two out of the four back so far, and the two missing contain all my archives of photos from the last 10 years. But why worry about something like that? It just means I have to go back to those places and get the photos again? Or I could just use this as the perfect excuse to move on, take it as the hint that it is as a point in which I can start fresh. I like that idea, maybe it’s time to start again…


I’ve recently been struck with dreams that I don’t want. I don’t know how better to put it, considering this is a public journal and frankly I’m not going to describe them as they are about a topic I know for a fact I shouldn’t be dreaming about, but I guess I’m just confused about it all.

I tried to get the dreams out of my head every way I can conceive, and yet they’re persistent. As if my brain won’t let me forget the dream I’m forced to relive it each night for the last four nights. What have I done to my brain to deserve this abuse? Did I neglect it somehow that it has deemed it necessary to punish me for something that wasn’t 100% my fault? I’ve admitted it was partially my fault, but it seems like my brain isn’t satisfied with that level of blame, instead it’s going to force me to remember painful memories and it expects me to either do something about it or just punish me.

I think I’ve got it together, better then I did a year and change ago, I know for a fact I’m better off then I was, but now the dreams bring it back. Why do I have to dream about this and relive something that wasn’t good? How do other people do it? How do they get over something and seem to have no problems? I wish I knew…