I’ve recently been struck with dreams that I don’t want. I don’t know how better to put it, considering this is a public journal and frankly I’m not going to describe them as they are about a topic I know for a fact I shouldn’t be dreaming about, but I guess I’m just confused about it all.

I tried to get the dreams out of my head every way I can conceive, and yet they’re persistent. As if my brain won’t let me forget the dream I’m forced to relive it each night for the last four nights. What have I done to my brain to deserve this abuse? Did I neglect it somehow that it has deemed it necessary to punish me for something that wasn’t 100% my fault? I’ve admitted it was partially my fault, but it seems like my brain isn’t satisfied with that level of blame, instead it’s going to force me to remember painful memories and it expects me to either do something about it or just punish me.

I think I’ve got it together, better then I did a year and change ago, I know for a fact I’m better off then I was, but now the dreams bring it back. Why do I have to dream about this and relive something that wasn’t good? How do other people do it? How do they get over something and seem to have no problems? I wish I knew…






2 responses to “Dreams”

  1. Melkir Avatar

    Who gets over things, the notion that there is a point at which something goes away forever is absurd. Just live with it, one day you’ll look back and it’ll be a lot lighter a load than you remember when you’re not waiting for it to go away each day.

    “You thought your life would just go by
    without a pause to wonder, don’t be silly” — Barenaked Ladies (Baby Seat)

  2. jude Avatar

    I guess I think it’s been almost two years, so maybe it’s time to let myself move on? That’s what I mean to say.

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