World tour…

It came to me last night as I couldn’t sleep, in three months I will have gone around the world by plane. How crazy is that?

The journey so far starts in Doha, Qatar where I got this crazy idea to go home for Christmas, or as close to Christmas as I could. That was the 28th of December, the trip took me from Doha to London and then back to Seattle for a quick weekend trip. What does that say about my mental state, that quick weekend trip home took 29 hours of travel and was almost 8000 miles, and that was just to get back to Seattle? From Seattle I went back to Doha, another 8000 miles and this time it as about 36 hours of travel. Someone asked me why the hell I would go home to Seattle if I had to come back to Doha before traveling more, the answer is simple, family.

First leg stats:

  • 16,000 Miles
  • 65 hours
  • 4 Nyquil (I started getting a cold before I left and the lack of sleep in Seattle didn’t help)
  • 2 Sleeping tablets (Flying without them is not a good idea)
  • 3 Pints (Beer in a public place!)
  • 2 ham sandwiches (No pig in Doha, mmmm pig is tasty)

The second leg of the world tour will start tomorrow at 8:30 PM Doha time and will take me back to Thailand for a few weeks. Now it’s time to make sure I’m all packed and ready to go.







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