We just got back from driving down the Great Ocean Road, which for those who don’t know it is a beautifully fly infested drive, that you spend more time trying to keep the flies out of your eyes to see the ocean then you do actually looking at the ocean.  The time I did get to spend looking at the ocean and not doing the “crazy get the flies outta my eyes” dance it was spectacular.  I’m working on getting the photos uploaded sometime soon.  I think I’ll have to find a internet cafe or something similar because the persons internet I’m stealing at the moment has a hard limit on downloads and uploads and with four people using it daily we’re getting close to the limit.

I’ve also been spending time in the Central Business District, which is where all the offices and pubs are in Melbourne, well not all the pubs as there are quite a few here.  It’s also where you can do most of the shopping / eating / generally normal touristy things that is expected of a person on holiday, which luckily enough I’m on right now.  Although I’m getting a little bored at this stage, I’ve not been working since January 15th and I’m starting to get a little antsy.  It’s getting awful boring doing nothing and not getting paid, but I suppose I’ll just buck up and make the best of it.







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