After spending just a few minutes in the presence of Uluru your first thought is “why the hell didn’t I buy the fly net for my head?” I’ve never met a fly as tenacious as the bush fly in Australia, the damn thing will crawl up you nose if you let it, and even if you don’t let it. I thought the people wearing the fly netting on their heads were a little funny looking and I though I would never wear something like that, then I went out without it and decided the people with the fly netting are much smarter then me.

There’s really not a whole lot to prepare you for seeing this part of Australia before you get here, sure you get inundated with photos of Uluru and the Olgas and are told how beautiful they are and how great they are, you almost get to the point of not even wanting to see them people talk about them so much. Until you’re flying into the small little airport that you catch your first glimpse of the famous rock do you realize you have to see it for yourself, there is no substitution. The rocks that form Uluru and the Olgas are enormous and are a single rock, it’s absolutely awe inspiring.

I can see why the Anangu consider this place to be sacred, it’s as if mother nature has created her own cathedral and all of man’s versions are inadequate.







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