A tower and a little Chinese.

After walking through Chinatown, which luckily is right near the hotel and getting a little breakfast at a Chinese version of a greasy spoon, we wandered through a dark and stinky version of the Queen Victoria Market. I can’t believe how many versions of the same junk souvenirs as every other place on the street there were.

As we made our way to a nice Chinese garden we wandered underneath an overpass and found the entrance to the garden that we were looking for. As it turns out someone was getting married there just as we were walking in, we were still able to get some tickets to walk around this nice little corner of the city. There were some really nice plants, a nice little smell here and there, even a little water feature.

After a nice walk through the garden we caught the monorail for a quick trip to the tower. It’s pretty much just like any other tower I’ve been to, mostly it’s just as big as the space needle or just about the same to me. After a trip up to the top with some nice looking folks, we looked out at the city and made the appropriate “Ooo’s” and “Ahhh’s” and then took the elevator back down to the bottom and the “Oz Trek” a diorama and motion video experience that is something I would avoid if given the opportunity to do it again.






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