The theatre I would work in.

Right, I pretty much gave up on working in the theatre in December of 1999, so the inital draw of the Opera House wasn’t what I would normally feel had I still been working in the business.

We decided today to head to Circular Quay in Sydney for the Harbor Bridge Celebration, it’s 75 years old and it should have a party, and in the walk to the bridge viewing area we happened to be walking straight towards the Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Opera House is one of the more recognizable pieces of modern architecture in the world and was not exactly what I was expecting. All the photos I’ve ever seen is of a shiny white exterior which in fact is beige and white and in the sun looks like it’s lined with gold or brass, the tiles are made in a special way to discourage growth of anything organic, so really the only thing they have to worry about is dust and a good rain can clean it up pretty quick.

The interior tour we took, had us walk through three of the five performing arts spaces in the building as well as the scenery dock, which we weren’t supposed to see at all but our tour guide was incredible and took us there anyway. We didn’t get to see the full performance hall, which I had to buy a postcard of, but we did get to go into the busier of the two large spaces… Damn… I would love to work in this building, it has everything a theatre geek would want and then some, all the spaces have lifts and revolves and the lighting positions are excellent, not to mention the acoustics are phenomenal throughout the whole complex, because it truely is a performing arts complex.






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