Strangers with information

I was trying to find the right tram to Port Melbourne, as that is where I’ll be staying until next Tuesday, and I walked to the wrong tram stop and came upon a crazy but nice guy who decided I needed to know all about the bus system for Melbourne, especially the colors of said buss system. Red busses mean one company, green means another and so on. I suddenly felt like I was in a Dr. Seuss story and I should have been one bus, two bus, read bus, blue bus. The Smelly Judenice thing about said stranger is he did know where I needed to go to get the right tram and he followed me to the corner to make sure I got to the right stop, I must have looked like I needed the help and when I finally got to my destination and looked at myself before taking a shower I realized I did in fact look like I needed the help.






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