Mmmm, coffee and internet

After walking around yesterday looking for a cafe with wireless internet, I finally ended up at a Starbucks in Port Melbourne.  I was happy to have a place that had both coffee and internet, but less then thrilled to have to pay for that internet.  So today instead of paying for a connection at Starbucks I found a place called Mag Nation on Elizabeth Street in the CBD of Melbourne.  This is a great place, not only do the serve coffee but they also have a huge selection of magazines that they allow you to browse without any pressure to buy.  I love this place, in the states this kind of place wouldn’t exist, as there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of profit, but Mag Nation do a brisk business in coffee and they sell quite a few magazines as well.  Maybe there’s something for me to do when I get home, advocate free wireless internet in the city at cafes and bars.






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