A new low…

I realize I must be some sort of security threat, not only do I have to empty out my pockets, take my laptop out of it’s case, but now I have to go through not only the mandatory x-ray / metal detection crap, but now we get a friendly personal bag search and pat down.  When the fuck did this start?  I’ve never been given a pat down before boarding a plane until this year, at first I was slightly amused, now that I’m actually thinking about it, it pisses me off.  What’s the point of the metal detector and x-ray if their still going to search your bag and pat you down?  God forgive me for wanting to travel home!  Oh and yes, the terrorists have won as we’re now completely fucked in the head when it comes to airport security.



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  1. a kindly pirate Avatar
    a kindly pirate

    wait, was this in aus? ahh, i miss the good old doha days – didn’t want to be searched? just say no and keep on walking…

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