New Apartment!

I’m almost done moving in…! My new place in is the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, close enough for me to be able to get to the markets and such that I like and far enough outside of the city to still be quiet.

Now some of you may ask why it’s taken so long to move into an apartment, well first the apartment was an easy choice, but the condition of the apartment was dismal. My buddy Ray the Roach lived there for the last year. Ray has since moved to California for a job and had left the apartment in question an absolute mess. Observe exhibit A, the bathtub… Yes, in fact that is the tub Ray used to shower. He seemed to think the reason for the ring was a slow drain, well I was happy to discover it had nothing to do with the pipes and everything to do with the large hairball that was in the screen for the drain, also the little lever to stop the tub from draining when you want to take a bath was installed incorrectly and all you have to do is pull up to allow it to drain instead of the traditional down position. Well the tub took me a couple of days as not only did I scrub the shit out, but I also removed all the caulking around the tub and replaced it with new, I had two reasons for doing this. First it had some sort of smell to it that was unnatural and there was a nice mold colony threatening to take over the bathroom if I didn’t give them citizenship. I felt it was easier to just throw bleach on the whole lot and then scrape it all away.

Now we get to the kitchen… Oh… My… GOD! It took me an hour and a half to scrub the floor… Why you ask, well apparently Ray never cleaned the floor in the year he lived there, well shit builds up and you need to clean every once in a while. Let’s not forget to mention that in the kitchen and the living room was enough trash to fill the back of a full sized pickup truck. Again Ray is a Roach!

The bedroom, is an entirely different beast as it’s up a small staircase and is in what was the attic space of the building. I had to borrow a vacuum cleaner from my sister, thanks Jess, to clean the carpet. I had to empty the container two times during the battle of the carpet. Not only that but right next to where Ray had his bed was a pile of Parmesan cheese. I’m not really aware of the cheese fetish that is apparently responsible for people wanting cheese in bed, but dam clean up after your freaky sex please!

Right now I need to put another coat of finish on what will soon become my dining room table so I can go battle Ikea lines this afternoon.

New Place for me!

I’m moving this weekend and I’m already packed… The only thing I was worried about is a net connection and I solved that today, Clearwire. No phone, no cable and I still get to have high speed Internet. It’s not the fastest available but the price is good and the speed is good enough for the time being.

I’ll post some before and after photos after this weekend. I have to thank Ray for the before, and my elbow grease for the after.

Film Festival

I responded to a posting that was asking for help for a film festival, I thought what the hell I need something to do and I need to get the hell out of town for a few days. So I show up yesterday, completely buggered after a long night working and sleeping on a friends couch, not to mention a nice long drive to Mt Rainier. I helped install video systems in three locations all about 15 miles apart and by the end of the night I’ve been elevated from volunteer to production manager, funny how that works out. It was not my intention to come here and do anything more then volunteer for the weekend and get no pay other then a bed and maybe some free coffee. Now I’m getting ready to do my rounds again to make sure everything is still working and the gear that was sent down here from a local AV company is still pumping out indie films.  Oh yeah the link for the film festival is Rainier Independent Film Festival!