Film Festival

I responded to a posting that was asking for help for a film festival, I thought what the hell I need something to do and I need to get the hell out of town for a few days. So I show up yesterday, completely buggered after a long night working and sleeping on a friends couch, not to mention a nice long drive to Mt Rainier. I helped install video systems in three locations all about 15 miles apart and by the end of the night I’ve been elevated from volunteer to production manager, funny how that works out. It was not my intention to come here and do anything more then volunteer for the weekend and get no pay other then a bed and maybe some free coffee. Now I’m getting ready to do my rounds again to make sure everything is still working and the gear that was sent down here from a local AV company is still pumping out indie films.  Oh yeah the link for the film festival is Rainier Independent Film Festival!






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