Three hours of my life that I would like to get back from the Disney Company for Pirates 3. I was impressed with the parts, but as a whole I was woefully unimpressed. I’ll be sending them a bill for the time I lost last night and will expect payment in 30 days or less.




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  1. Jess Avatar

    Let me know when the check arrives…
    Yeah… I liked parts of it, too. But overall I was left dissatisfied with the ending. And I thought the extra Jacks were pointless. I know Johnny Depp is wonderful and all that, but did they need to clone him?
    But I did love the swashbucking. And I also loved watching Geoffrey Rush eat the screen every time he was on it. He makes a perfect pirate.
    Maybe it was just me… but it irked me that Will got to run off and be a pirate while Elizabeth stayed home and raised their kid all on her own. Particularly since she was supposed to be the Pirate Queen. Hmpf. Hell, I say take the kid on the boat and raise him at sea.
    Now that’s what I would call homeschooling.

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