So I’ve been busy for the last few weeks and now I’m finally sitting down and writing a post. Although I don’t have heaps of time to put into this I will just put the important stuff and update later.

First, I got a new job. I’ve accepted an offer from North American Video to work as a traveling installer. I don’t know what the full scope of the job is yet, but my first day is supposed to be the 16th of July. I’ve been speaking with a friend who works with the same company and he envisions me being able to go to a site for three weeks or more to install stuff and then come home. Also since it’s a business driven position, for example the more business they have the busier I am, I can choose to go on an install or not, or at least that’s what it sounds like at the moment. It seems like a great position for me as I am still trying hard to find something short term in other countries, so this job is something I can do when I come back to the states.

Second, I’m almost finished with refurbing my new apartment. It’s taken me quite a while to get to this stage, but the finish line is in site. The last room to paint is the kitchen and since I’m using a super deep color it’s going to take three coats to finish it off. The living room is finished and the entry hall is all sorted, new lighting fixtures everywhere expect the bathroom. I’m holding off on fixing the bathroom up until I start the new job, even though the rent exchange I’ve got going on with the landlord is cool, it still means I have to budget for the new sink and cabinet.

To tide everyone over until I have some new photos from my place here is a photo of the sun setting over the Olympic Mountains from the roof of the new WaMu tower in downtown Seattle.




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