People, Friends and others…

I keep thinking to myself I like my friends, and you know what? I do like my friends. I have different types of friends though… I have friends who live in the neighborhood, others who are far away (Ellen, Arrrr!) and then there are others who’ve I just met and I get the impression they think I’m after something I’m not. I know I can be an intense guy sometimes, but the reality is I don’t ask for anything I wouldn’t give any one of my friends. If you need help I’ll be there, even to the point of getting on a plane and being by your side if you needed someone. I would break kneecaps with a crescent wrench for all my friends if I was asked. I know this is a little weird for some, as they’ve known me for a long time, but that’s the truth of the matter. You’re just as much my family as my blood, I would get on a plane and travel 26 hours just to be with someone who needed me. With that, to al my friends, you know who you are, I’m at your disposal, if you need anything, anywhere, anytime I will be there.

Thanks for being friends with me!







3 responses to “People, Friends and others…”

  1. Melkir Avatar

    Breaking kneecaps is easy, but could I have half your liver? Wait.. I should pick something in better shape. .. uhm.. toes. yeah. toes.

  2. jude Avatar

    If you need half my toes, they’re your’s. :)

  3. a kindly pirate Avatar
    a kindly pirate

    arrrrrrrrr. i be spotting a good and blood thirsty friend indeed! let’s go find us some wenches!

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