Vegas, how do I hate thee

I’ve never been a fan of Vegas, even with it’s draws of scantily clad people and cheap drinks if you’re throwing money away, I’ve ever been happy here. This is a place of bad memories and frankly I’ve never been drawn to try and make new ones here. But I’m here now and I might as well make the best of it. Maybe I’ll go hiking in the desert this weekend, of course I didn’t bring my camera, but that’s alright. I suppose I’m looking forward to hiking in red rock as well so there is something to look forward to here.






2 responses to “Vegas, how do I hate thee”

  1. Melkir Avatar

    You went somewhere for two weeks without your camera, you may be looking for a demotion from the ranks of the photofags. What if something had changed! What if that 500-foot fire breathing statue of MJ had made its way into the desert! Anything could happen!

  2. Jess Avatar

    Glad you arrived safely. No camera, though? You? I’m sorry, I may have blacked out there for a second…

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