City Light… what a bunch of fuck heads!

I don’t know how they think this is logical… The previous tenant of my apartment owes Seattle City Light over $500 so they turn the power off to my apartment. The best part is they won’t turn it back on till someone pays the bill. Now keep in mind I’ve been living in this apartment for a few months and of course the first thing I do is call to try and start service, but given the crazy way the building is setup and the logical way the city works, I can’t setup service till the previous tenant “moves out”. So now I have an apartment, that my cousin is staying at while I’m in Tucson, with no power… I’m less then happy, even though I don’t really care since I’m not there, it’s bad form to have someone sublet your place and have your power disconnected.

Which QC Character am I?

Which Questionable Content Character Are You?

You are Steve! You’re kind of just a typical guy. You like music, girls, and drinking. You’ve probably freaked out at the hint of attachment in a relationship at some point, but fortunately you’ve got a sensible friend to steal you away from the Tequila Monster before you drink too many of your troubles away. You can be somewhat charming at times, but usually you have to be careful not to be a total smarmosaur.
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"You’re still in the middle of the fucking desert…"

So it got a little warm here in Tucson over the weekend… Not nearly as hot as the middle of the summer in Doha, but still pretty hot… I made it out last night with the rest of my co-workers to a country western club, and everyone knows how much I love country music. Sometimes I would rather gouge my own ear drums out then listen to country music, but this bar / club was alright. I had a good enough time to go back a few more times, it also helps that I was able to get the names of a few other bars that are more my speed. Dive bars in Tucson here I come!

Did I really know what I was doing?

I’ve just started at a new company a friend of mine works for, he thinks I’ll do well, but I’m not so sure yet. I’ll be honest, I really don’t know anything about the products, what the capabilities or really anything about the industry. What I do know is project management, how to manage a project from start to finish and the basics of the cabling used. The systems are mainly MS based, which is a little disappointing, but not unexpected given where most of the developers are located and where they came from.

This is supposed to be temporary, all things considered I don’t really like the job, but I’ll do my best. Even though most of my colleagues are young in both age and… well age. I’m low man on the totem pole so I don’t have a lot of say in anything procedural, even though I see some gaping holes in their systems I’m not listened to. Not surprising, but still bothersome. Oh well, there’s nothing I can really do about it but play along.