Home is where the couch is?

It’s true I went home for the long weekend and was fully aware of my cousin sleeping there… But the note on my door saying she was crashed out in my bed as I had not made it home by the time I had originally stated in an email made me feel less then welcome in my own house…  So what did I do as soon as I dropped my things you might ask?  I went straight to the pub and got drunk!  My bar tender friend at the Dock was more then happy to see me and more then happy to pour me a pint or five and make my night a little better.  I proceeded to stumble home, thank god the pub is only a block away, and pass out in my chair.  Which happens to be right were my cousin found me at 4 AM, and in j_lizardsome drunken haze I managed to mumble something about no  worries and then passed back out.  Now I should mention my cousin is deaf and therefore didn’t hear me come in, and the only photo she has seen of me is right here.  As you can see it’s not the best photo of your’s truly, but it was sufficient for identification at 4 AM while I was drunk in the chair.  And this was my first night home!

Friday day was not a good day, considering the hangover from the night before and stiffness of sleeping in a chair, I got a phone call from my father and he proceeded to hang a guilt trip on me.  I relented and rescheduled my day to go help load my sister and her family up into a 26′ truck that was stuffed of… well stuff.  After that I went to see my friend and get a hair chop and then went to one of the other pubs I go on a Friday night, Terasco in Ballard.  It’s really the only night worth going as my buddy Jason works there and the beer is tasty.  Then it was off to dinner at the Steelhead Diner near Pike Place Market…  Holy shit the food was excellent, the service was wonderful and it helps that one of my best friends in the whole world is working there in the kitchen doing what she loves!  Even without her working there I highly recommend it to anyone.  I had the best lamb I’ve had since leaving Australia and the wine was excellent, and I can’t forget to mention the desert… A peach concoction that was an absolutely perfect way to end the meal.  After that I met back up with another really good friend and had a few drinks on the Hill and visited with my friend who just got off work from the Steelhead.

Saturday was less then restful as it involved my driving with my Aunt to Monmouth, Oregon to help my sister and her family unpack for a while.  The drive down was alright, but a bit long and the drive home was broken up with dinner at a little Mexican restaurant with Heather and Jason who just got back from their honeymoon in Malaysia.  Oh right, Jessica and Mark’s new house reminds me a lot of my Grandparent Trent’s house when I was growing up.  A lot larger, but very similar in feelings.  It felt like it could be a good home for the Lane family till they can find something more permanent.

Sunday involved my parking at Car Toys and getting a new stereo installed in my car, while most of you would argue why? I’ve had the same argument with myself and guess what? I won!  While the gnomes at Car Toys were installing my new toys I was off at Bumbershoot with JB and Uli.  We got to see some great comedy and some crazy folk wandering around the Seattle Center.  There was some good music and some entertaining circus like things happening.  We did get to wander through the Rock Poster exhibition, which had _MG_6402some good art and  some bad art, like all exhibitions it’s in the eye of the beholder.  As a wrap up to the day I went to a movie and then back to my pub around the corner from my place and got, you guessed it a little drunk!  I was forced to stay by the nice bartender who kept pouring me drinks to keep me around so she wouldn’t have to worry about the crazy Russian fishermen who kept trying to steal her booze and hit on her.  I’m happy to help a friend, besides the drinks are good and again the place is right around the corner from my house.

Monday was a little more restful and it involved a trip up to the island to visit my folks and help my dad get his gallery a little more ready for the Whidbey Island Gallery Tour that’s at the end of the month.  I insist everyone who reads this go to the tour!  I don’t care where you are in the world, just because you need to fly from halfway around it is no excuse to come see excellent art!  You know who I’m talking about don’t you!  Well Monday night found me once again on a barstool at the Dock, making friends and drinking a few before going home to finish packing and getting ready to fly back to Tucson, which is where I am at the moment.




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