Sitting in the airport bar

So here I sit, in the airport bar chatting with the bartenders and the other patrons and I’ve discovered something, people aren’t so bad.  On a whole people are good, and when we travel we’re all in the same boat so to speak, all are equal in the airport bar, the guy in the suit and the guy in shorts can share a drink and chat about the upcoming something or other and all is well.  It amazes me the capacity of the human animal to adapt to the surroundings and how it can adapt to the pain of traveling so quickly.

George Carlin

Is sick twisted and topical as always. Sitting with a bunch of mixed opinion folk seeing George Carlin live was… well hilarious. On one side I have the ultra conservative who didn’t like it when he went off on GW, but then they laughed at the sick jokes. I’m glad we can all come together in sick humor in this country.