Gibberish and gunk…

Christmas is coming and I’m being pestered by family to come up with some sort of list of presents I want.  This was kind of fun when I was a little kid, but as I got older I found I couldn’t write a list of wants as I didn’t really care that much.  In fact I’ve not really been surprised by any gifts I’ve gotten in the past ten years.  To me it’s more fun to "sucker punch" another member of the family by given them something completely unexpected and out there.  Like last year I gave the gift of my presence to my mom.  Now to some that may sound a little self centered, but I hadn’t seen her in almost a year and had been hinting that I wouldn’t be coming home anytime soon.  I hopped a plane and rode 26 hours, lost three of my four bags and managed to get upgraded to first class all to see the look of complete and abject horror PC020009on my mom’s face when I tapped her on the shoulder to say "could I get a hug too?"  One could use that for one of those Mastercard commercials and I would laugh to see it.  So how do I top that?  I can’t just show up this time, although I think my mere presence is a gift in itself (of course I’m kidding!). 

I guess I’m just not into Christmas as I used to be.  As I mentioned above I’ve not been blown away by any gift in recent years.  Oh well, on that note please check out my form of a tree topper and I hope my humbug attitude doesn’t bother to many people…






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  1. sd Avatar

    How can you think you are ‘Bah, humbug!’ when you made me listen to xmas music the other night?

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